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1998 Morgantown Area Grand Prix

[Men's 1998 Final Standings] [Women's 1998 Final Standings]
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Beginning in March and ending in December, the Grand Prix of ten Morgantown area races is designed to provide runners of all abilities with an opportunity to compete for a series championship award (top ten male, top ten female) while helping the various worthy causes that benefit from each race. Individual standings in the Grand prix will be determined by accumulated points as measured by the handicapped rating system described below. Only an inidividual's top five race scores will be factored into the final total.

The System

  • Finish Points: Total number of finishers in a race plus one minus your place of finish.
  • Handicap Points: One point for each year your age is over or under age 29.
  • Bonus Points:
    • 25 Points for finishing a race.
    • 5 Points for WVTC/Morgantown Roadrunner members.

More Details

  • There is no charge for participation in the Grand Prix.
  • Participation in the 1998 Grand Prix is limited to runners only.
  • You must enter and finish a minimum of 5 races in the series.
  • You must check the Grand Prix entrant space provided on a race's application blank if you wish to earn points for that event.
  • Individuals who complete all ten series races will receive a commemorative award at the end of the year.
  • Standings will be posted at each race.
  • Grand Prix organizers and Race Directors are not eligible for participation.

More Information

    Morgantown Roadrunners/WV Track Club
    P.O. Box 4159
    Morgantown, WV 26504
    Rocky Kimble (304) 291-3381
    John May (304) 599-0940

The Schedule

Date Race Location Contact
Mar 29 Cooper's Rock Challenge 10K Cooper's Rock State Park, Morgantown Bob Baker
(304) 296-7988
Apr 25 Run Forrest... Run 5K Cross Country
[Details] [Coverage/Recap]
Camp Mountaineer, Morgantown Rocky Kimble
(304) 291-3381
May 24 Albert Gallatin Regatta 5K Point Marion, PA Ken Ashton
(304) 291-3025
Jul 4 BOPARC Freedom Challenge 5 & 10K
[Details] [5K Results] [10K Results]
White Park, Morgantown Debbie Palmer
(304) 296-8356
Jul 19 Gene's Run for Special Olympics
[Details] [Coverage] [Results]
Morgantown Martha Price
(304) 292-1023
Aug 29 Links to Lake 5K
[Details] [Coverage] [Results]
Morgantown Laurie Lindsey
(304) 594-9561
Sep 12 September Stride 5K
[Details] [Coverage] [Results]
Morgantown Tom Druge
(304) 598-4118
Oct 18 Red Ribbon 5K
[Details] [Coverage] [Results]
Morgantown Cathy Coontz
(304) 366-7174
Nov 8 Mountaineer Week 5K
[Details] [Coverage] [Results]
Morgantown Randy Williams
(304) 598-1100
Dec 6 Back Bay Snowflake Sprint 5K
[Details] [Coverage] [Results]
Krepps Park, Morgantown John May
(304) 599-0949