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Saturday, January 26, 2008
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Yep, this is Saturday morning at the breakfast table. The wife took the picture so it does not even count, but I didn't want you to worry. Just like the cats' anticipation of a morsel of food I've got your pictures on the way.

Kitties at breakfast
Meals always require a seat at the table for George and Max

Had an awesome hike in Forbes State Forest's Quebec Run Wild Area today. It's in Pennsylvania just across the West Virgina border only a few miles from our house. I really need to start taking better advantage of this area.

The creek along the Tebolt Trail
A good portion of the Tebolt Trail follows this creek

The Tebolt Trail is rather rugged in many spots as it follows a creek that often seems to be both creek and trail at the same time.

Sneaking a peek up a pine tree
The view looking up from under a pine tree

Kind of felt like a voyeur taking a peek up from underneath a pine tree.

Snow Head
Maybe it's just me but do you see what looks like a human head?

My wife didn't seem to see it as clearly but I saw the unmistakable form of a human head naturally formed in this mound of snow on a little tree stump.

Dogs in the truck
Sunny insists that her head be out the window

This one's just for me because our dogs are the best. Sunny is only happy when she can get her head out the window while in a car and Rocky is not going to get in her way.

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Saturday, January 26, 2008
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