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Friday, January 25, 2008
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The temperature reading this morning outside the house was 4.5 deg. F. I went out to take a picture of "cold" but I found it rather elusive to capture with an image.

Cold morning
The morning arrives with single-digit temperatures

The morning sun was bright and the reflection off the snow probably calls for some sort of filter on the camera. But if you want reality the glare in the picture is how it looks to the naked eye.

Porch and table
The porch and table protect me from the cold

Stepping back a bit into the shadows adds some elements to the foreground. So what's that mushroom looking thing on the right?

Rock and tree stump table
A large tree stump and a big rock make a fine table

Taking a closer look you'll see it is a table constructed of a large tree stump and big rock. I think a slightly different angle with more sunlight might have been good but it was cold out there standing in one place.

Wagon wheel and fence
A back lit wagon wheel rests on our fence

Moving down to the end of the driveway I tried to get an artistic shot of a wagon wheel. Didn't really do too well but I like the way this picture takes my eye up to the split-rail fence that heads off into the bright light.

The old tree
A big old tree shows its age

So what do you know? Another picture of a tree. And just think off all the possibilities for tree pictures that await in Spring, Summer, and Fall!

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Friday, January 25, 2008
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