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Saturday, January 19, 2008
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Today I bundled up (temps in the 20's F) and rode the 1x1 mountain bike to Morgantown. Taking the back way up the Spunich trail to Chestnut Ridge Park and down Godspeed to Quarry Run you'd think I'd nail many great pictures. Well, not so much. Back at home in the evening the sunset was all I really needed.

We often get nice sunrises, but sometimes we're home to nice sunsets, too

While suffering my way up to Chestnut Ridge I took a little hike off the main trail to catch the view of Lake O' Woods. I often pass this lake taking the long way to work on my way to Wymps Gap.

Lake O' Woods
Looking north on the Lake O' Woods

Seeking the cool picture on my way up the mountain (yes, I hike-a-biked a good bit) I was intrigued by the various ice formations I found along the way. I took a number of ice pictures and I think I can do them even better justice with more camera practice.

A close up of ice crystals forming in a small frozen puddle

I'm off to spend a night on the Appalachian Trail on Sunday night. That might explain why you won't see updates posted for the next few days until as late as Tuesday.

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Saturday, January 19, 2008
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