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Sunday, January 13, 2008
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Rumor was that today's weather wasn't going to be so good with snow on the way. As it turned out it was a pretty nice day. I was tempted to take some more photos of another nice sunrise but that seems to be getting redundant.

Sunny, Heather, Ringo
Bringing home the Sunday paper

The dogs went with us this morning to pick up the Sunday paper. In the picture the wife goes on ahead with Sunny and Ringo (the iPlayOutside dog, we're dog sitting) on the hill to our driveway. I learned today that it is close to a mile roundtrip walk from our front door to our mailbox.

Berry on moss
A close-up of a berry growing on a mossy rock

The late afternoon afforded a long hike to the Big Sandy with all the dogs. While trying to photograph one little falls in Camp Roy Weller I came across this little vine and berry. The fruit here is only around a quarter-inch in size. What kind of berry grows on a tiny vine across a mossy rock like this? Answer (thanks to Blake Landscapes): Mitchella repens L. or partridgeberry.

Rocky over the falls
Rocky can't help but get in my picture of the falls

Well, once again the falls photos seemed very challenging. I'll give you this one because Rocky adds so much character.

Rocky on the beach
Rocky loves the Camp Roy Weller beach

Speaking of Rocky... all the dogs found the little beach down on the Big Sandy to be quite the little paradise. I didn't mind spending a little time there myself.

Rocky strikes a  pose
Rocky is proving to be a very good model

Okay, just another gratuitous shot of Rocky. It's good to be able to spend a little time trying to find nice things to photograph, too bad everyday isn't a Sunday.

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Sunday, January 13, 2008
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