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Saturday, January 12, 2008
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It was a pretty nice day for early January with the sun coming out and temperatures in the mid 40's F. Took a lot of pictures today so here are six that I like for some reason or another.

House on a hill
Our house looking rather nice on its hilltop and reflected in our pond

I tried this shot last night and it's posted on yesterday's page. Sure came out a lot nicer on a sunny afternoon with very little wind.

Sunset on a steam cloud
A steam cloud from a power plant makes for an interesting sunset

Went to check out Wymps Gap again (see last Wednesday) hoping for a nice sunset. Not too bad but it will be better as the sun moves north across the horizon as we head toward summer. For now I'll give you this power plant's steam cloud in the sunset but I'll be back later in the year to see if I can get something better.

Apple Tree
The apple tree in our field strikes a pose

I warned you about trees and here's the apple tree that sits all alone in our field. It's a nice tree and grows some pretty tasty apples.

Sunny in the sun
Sunny looking rather regal in the late afternoon sun

Sunny is a stray that we picked up that obviously has some beagle in her. She's a good dog and isn't she cute, too?

George looking for love
George wonders what's with this camera nonsense

I introduced you to Max, our black cat, back on Tuesday. Today I give you George who as bit more affectionate. He's crowded himself on to the very pregnant wife's lap. The due date is February 6th so stay tuned for the baby pictures.

Rocky on the chase
An action shot of Rocky chasing after Sunny

Last picture of this busy day is Rocky in full stride chasing after Sunny. He's also a good dog and was rescued from the Preston County pound as a puppy, part Australian Shepherd and part who knows? I need to work on the action shots some more...

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Saturday, January 12, 2008
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