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Saturday, April 16, 2011 -- Morgantown, WV / HealthSouth MountainView
HealthSouth's Cranium Crawl 5K Run & Walk (iPO Event Id#: 13290)

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Not Wind, Rain, Nor Snow

Photos by Maria af Rolen with story by Jason Chastain

Cranium Crawl 5K
View Cranium Crawl 5K photos by Maria af Rolen
Wind, cold and rain couldn't keep the 200+ participants of Healthsouth's 3rd Annual Cranium Crawl 5K walk and run.

Proceeds from the event go to the non-profit Brain Injury Association of West Virginia. They are dedicated to providing support, advocacy, education and training on behalf of survivors of brain injuries, their families and those who provide services or care for them.

This year's total donation from the event was $8,075 which was even greater than last year's donation.

Of the many attendees, The Mills Family all enjoyed the event. Rebekah and Channah were running in their 3rd and 2nd CC, respectively. While it was Noah's first time. Jim and Angie were there for moral support and to cheer everyone on. Rebekah said the hill by Sheetz was very challenging.

Team Brian (Weller) competed for the 3rd year in a row and have become one of several success stories I've had the pleasure to learn about since covering this event.

Cranium Crawl 5K
View Cranium Crawl 5K photos by Maria af Rolen
Brian's mom said that 'Healthsouth gave us our boy back' and that their faith really helped them through years of fear and doubt. 'It was faith versus fear', she said 'and faith won out!'.

Mandi Hetrick raced while she was cheered on by her husband Todd and son Cullen. Mandi formerly worked at Healthsouth and volunteered to help with a previous Cranium Crawl.

This year, she decided to give the race a go and she was happy with the results. She said the course was well marked and challenging.

Brad Dodson was another first time participant who had heard of the even from his Physical Therapy Professor at WVU. He said the wind and hills made the race more difficult than expected, but he was satisfied with his effort. This even now has a website at, it's a great place to get information on this popular event.

This event benefited the The Brain Injury Association of West Virginia, Inc. Thank you for your support and participation.

~ The HealthSouth MountainView Brain Injury Team